Rewards to inspire others

Your time and actions count. Swifin Connect recognises this and encourages each and every community member to document relevant content for the community where-ever they are.

When every community member tells their story where they are, as a community the collective voice is over 2 billion people strong across Continental Africa and the African diaspora. Collectively we can bring individual experiences today to global prominence and awareness to shape the future.

Your story could inspire millions so tell it – inspire others far and near. That’s why each time you post and share content you get instant rewards.

There may not be global media coverage of life in your community to bring sufficient attention to your challenges sufficiently to effect polices at national and global level. As an individual we can all now use technology to beam our voices and experiences well beyond our traditional spaces.

Access your account online via the online Connect portal. If you do not already have a Connect account please register now on Swifin Connect. Connect is the one stop place for community support, help, online community shop, simple community payments, and other community engagement services where community members earn instant rewards through community interaction by posting and sharing relevant content to support community education for all.

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We use ad revenues to finance our work and enable us to make this platform available to you and to millions of others.Disabling your ad blocker is another way to support the movement in addition to the great work you do already in your community to inform, educate and inspire others to join the movement so that together we can reach more people and make a bigger difference faster for the good of all humanity.

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