How to make a payment with Swifin Platform Account

when the Merchant approves your order for delivery.

Some people may prefer to send a payment to the Merchant directly at their convenience. To make a payment online please follow the steps below.

  1. Visit and login.
  2. Click on Pay or deposit funds”. You will find this link under Payments from the “Banking” menu item as illustrated below.
Making a payment online
  1. Enter the name of the recipient completely or select from the suggest list as illustrated below – IMPORTANT please make sure the receiver is correct as all payments on the Swifin Exchange are executed in real time.
Enter recipient
  1. Make sure you select the source account or “From account” and enter the amount as illustrated below
Select source account and enter amount
  1. Once you have entered the amount and any other relevant details such as transaction document and description, click “Submit”. You will get a screen similar the one below for you to check the payment details and confirm.
Check payment details and confirm
  1. Once you have checked the payment details, Click “Confirm transaction” to proceed. You may be required to enter a Password or EOTP to authenticate the transactions. Once the payment is successfully completed you should see payment confirmation details as illustrated below. Please note that some payments may be subject to authorisation.
Successful payment confirmation

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