AI Transaction Monitoring

Swifin was founded on the vision to deliver access to digital financial services to all.

All the technologies employed in building the Swifin Platform and the Partners engaged in the process are designed to deliver that vision and to impact and transform lives in our time so that the 80% or so unbanked in continental Africa can be included and empowered for an equitable participation in the new digital economy.

There has never been a better time to unite, to collaborate and work together to advance our common and shared goals and ideals – to create opportunities for people and to impact and transform lives in our time for the good of humanity globally.

Where as the impact on the lives of the millions of excluded people is real we are aware that with openness and inclusion comes other challenges;

For example many may wish to participate for not so good reasons and they must be excluded.

That is why whereas we are committed to inclusion for all we have also developed proprietary tools using artificial Intelligence (AI) which identity transaction patterns which are not in line with the goals and objectives of the Swifin Platform. Our AI tools are so accurate that they provide an indisputable identification of transaction patterns which are not inline with the vision and objective of the Platform. When those patterns are identified the accounts become permanently restricted both in terms of allowed balances and transaction limits.

This provides the best opportunity to include all, set a high standard and exclude those with transaction patterns which are not in line with the platform goals.

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