EOTP (Emailed One Time PIN)

In order to protect your account you now have to provide a One Time PIN (OTP) whenever you make changes to your account or when you initiate a payment. When the OTP is sent via email we refer to it as EOTP. When it is sent via mobile sms we refer to is as MOTP. EOTP is currently active but in some cases we may use either EOTP or MOTP or both.

Confirming with EOTP:
The emailed One Time PIN (EOTP) which is required to confirm payments and changes to your account is typically only required once per active session and normally only sent via email. This means you must have a valid email address on your Swifin Account profile.

For example as shown below if you wish to make a payment online you will see a confirmation page like this. Please follow these steps to confirm the payment;

  1. Click the relevant link to send EOTP to your registered email address. If you do not have a valid email address you will get a warning message instead.
  2. Switch to your email application and look for an email with the EOTP. Take note of the number.
  3. Enter the EOTP (it is a number with 6 to 10 digits) on the payment confirmation page and click confirm.
Payment confirmation page with EOTP
  1. The payment will be completed and the payment details similar to that shown below will be displayed.
Payment details page

You can print the payment details by clicking on the “Print” button on the top right.

Please note that for this to work you must have registered a valid email address. If you have not registered a valid email address, you can send a support request (only via internal email service) with the valid email address which you would like to add o your account.

**The internal email must come from the account owner and only change requests relating to the account from which the internal email is received will be actioned. **