How to register a member for a Swifin ID

Some individuals, Business and Government agencies may want to create Swifin IDs for their members. When they do this the member will get automatically assigned to them and relevant bonuses and commissions can be paid automatically in accordance with the 5 tier revenue flow model.

To create a Swifin ID for a member please follow these steps.  

1. Member should create a Connect Community Account first. You will need the Connect Profile Link and the Connect ID. These are generated when you join the community.

2. Log into Connect Community. Under the Account menu click on “Register member”. If you are not already logged into your Swifin Account you will see a page as shown below. Enter your Swifin ID and password to login (This is different from your Connect login details).

3. If you are already logged into your Swifin Account you will see a page as shown below when you click on “Register member” from the Account menu.

Enter members details and submit. Please note that this is the ONLY way you can register a member for the member to be automatically allocated to you and for you to receive T1C and subsequently T2C, T3C, T4C and T5C without any further action from you and only if the member you registered subsequently registers others.

4. Member should check email and validate the email address. Requests which are not validated may be deleted after 7 days and you will need to go through this process again.