Individual, Business and Referrals

A Business account is for a Business for Business use whereas an Individual account is for an individual for personal use. Both Individual and Business members can refer other individuals and Businesses.

  1. An Individual or Business account can be used to refer Individual and Business Account members. The Referrer will automatically receive commission on chargeable transactions performed by the individuals and Businesses referred by the Referrer.
  2. An Individual or Business account where permitted may be used to submit an application for a Swifin account on behalf of friends, family or business associates and contacts. Individual and Business accounts are not intended for the purpose of earning agency revenue.
  3. A merchant or Vendor is an Individual or Business with an online shop from which products and services are sold to other members of the Swifin Community.

A Referrer who referred Users successfully register Individual or Business accounts may receive referral commission when such payments are available.

Referrer can therefore earn T1, T2, T3, T4 or T5 revenue depending on how the referred individuals and Businesses are registered.