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Briefing from 23 Jan. 2023

Wednesday and Thursday
(8.30pm South African Time)

Monday, Tuesday and Friday
(7pm South African Time)

Password: Endless1

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You can use the form below to transfer AKX into your Account.

You can also use your AKX balance directly to pay for goods and services provided by other members of the Community.

For example Community members can now for the first time use Connect to sell the items they no longer need but for which others within the community will find to be of great value.

In this way we can all work together to drive inclusive access and empower all to participate by bringing in the 1.7 Billion people around the world who are currently excluded to also participate in the growing online marketplace even without a Bank card. This allows us to leverage on our ancient traditions of exchanging value for value in way that no one is excluded. In a way that enables us to recycle better, achieve maximum utility from our limited resources and preserve our beautiful natural environment in a more sustainable way both for us now, the future generations and for the good of all humanity.

Because The African Kingdoms Lumi (AKL) is the Community currency for Connect this means that all USX or AKX values can be settled seamlessly in AKL. The USD prices are shown to enable those members of the community who do not have AKL to also participate in the community marketplace by paying with a Bank Card in fiat.

Standard transfer amount is 100 after fee. Please enter your Swifin ID in the message box. Transfers without the correct Swifin ID will be lost and cannot be recovered. Each transfer is subject to the standard transfer fee below
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AKX Transactions

Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:31:49-0.01000Bonus for new post
FLORENCE KAMAU2023-01-27 15:31:490.01000Bonus for new post
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:31:31-0.01000Daily update bonus
Playboygaga2023-01-27 15:31:310.01000Daily update bonus
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:29:28-0.01000Daily visit bonus
Sikhumbuzo Khanyile2023-01-27 15:29:280.01000Daily visit bonus
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:29:26-0.01000Daily update bonus
Sikhumbuzo Khanyile2023-01-27 15:29:260.01000Daily update bonus
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:28:21-0.01000Daily visit bonus
IlhaamMagmoet2023-01-27 15:28:210.01000Daily visit bonus
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:28:15-0.01000Daily update bonus
IlhaamMagmoet2023-01-27 15:28:150.01000Daily update bonus
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:27:590.01000Bonus for added friend
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:26:54-0.01000Daily update bonus
Playboygaga2023-01-27 15:26:540.01000Daily update bonus
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:26:36-0.01000Daily update bonus
Pauline Margaret Sampie2023-01-27 15:26:360.01000Daily update bonus
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:24:48-0.01000Bonus for new post
Mutesi2023-01-27 15:24:480.01000Bonus for new post
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:24:42-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:24:420.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:24:19-0.01000Daily visit bonus
Veronica Abrahams2023-01-27 15:24:190.01000Daily visit bonus
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:23:07-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:23:070.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:22:25-0.01000Bonus for new profile avatar
Mutesi2023-01-27 15:22:250.01000Bonus for new profile avatar
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:22:23-0.01000Bonus for new post
Mutesi2023-01-27 15:22:230.01000Bonus for new post
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:22:18-0.01000Daily update bonus
Pauline Margaret Sampie2023-01-27 15:22:180.01000Daily update bonus
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:21:45-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:21:450.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:21:41-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:21:410.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:21:33-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:21:330.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:21:27-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:21:270.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:21:23-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:21:230.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:21:15-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:21:150.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:21:07-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:21:070.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:20:05-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:20:050.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:20:03-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:20:030.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:19:59-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:19:590.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:19:55-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:19:550.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:19:50-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:19:500.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:19:44-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:19:440.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:19:39-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:19:390.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:19:34-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:19:340.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:18:47-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:18:470.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:18:34-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:18:340.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:18:32-0.01000Bonus for new comment
richiewhriter2023-01-27 15:18:320.01000Bonus for new comment
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:18:160.01000Bonus for added friend
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:18:15-0.01000Bonus for like
richiewhriter2023-01-27 15:18:150.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:17:53-0.01000Bonus for new comment
richiewhriter2023-01-27 15:17:530.01000Bonus for new comment
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:17:44-0.01000Bonus for like
richiewhriter2023-01-27 15:17:440.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:17:11-0.01000Bonus for new comment
richiewhriter2023-01-27 15:17:110.01000Bonus for new comment
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:17:01-0.01000Bonus for like
richiewhriter2023-01-27 15:17:010.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:16:58-0.01000Bonus for like
richiewhriter2023-01-27 15:16:580.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:16:46-0.01000Bonus for new comment
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:16:460.01000Bonus for new comment
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:16:430.01000Bonus for added friend
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:16:20-0.01000Daily visit bonus
richiewhriter2023-01-27 15:16:200.01000Daily visit bonus
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:16:11-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:16:110.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:15:37-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:15:370.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:15:290.01000Bonus for added friend
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:15:06-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:15:060.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:14:51-0.01000Daily visit bonus
Mohammed Abu Ibrahim2023-01-27 15:14:510.01000Daily visit bonus
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:14:11-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:14:110.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:13:58-0.01000Bonus for like
alaindiatta2023-01-27 15:13:580.01000Bonus for like
Swifin Connect2023-01-27 15:13:53-0.01000Bonus for like

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