Mamador Pure Vegetable Cooking Oil – 3.5 Litres

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Mamador is the new number one vegetable oil, preferred for deep frying as it preserves the natural aroma of food in it. This superior quality, 100% pure oil is naturally enriched with multiple nutrients that translate into health benefits for every member of the family.

Mamador is the only brand that offers the greatest range of pack sizes that deliver on consumer needs and budgets, across all socio-economic classes. Mamador vegetable oil is packed in a world-class, clean and safe factory for health, freshness, and taste, meal after meal.

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Mamador Pure Vegetable Oil is ideal for domestic cooking and commercial use. This all-purpose cooking oil is mixed with the best of ingredients and is ideal to have in all homes, essential for all caterers to use, as it is made from ingredients that are great for the health. Having this vegetable oil in your kitchen makes frying and cooking different meal sizes very easy, as it comes in different packages to fit your budget and pocket. It is ideal for everyone as it comes with minimal fat and is cholesterol-free which lets you stay fit and healthy.

This Pure Vegetable Oil from Mamador brand provides a source for healthy fat, essential for everyone’s diet. There are no preservatives added which lets the natural taste of food comes to life for your family and guests to enjoy. It offers you the best nutritional balance of your meal as it allows the food taste to come through when preparing your meals. The vegetable oil is perfect for stir-frying of fresh vegetables and beef or fish.

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Key Features

  • Does not oxidize in sunlight
  • Suitable for all cooking, frying & baking
  • Tamper-proof packaging
  • Cholesterol free
  • Free from artificial additives
  • Natural source of Vitamin E
  • Fortified with Vitamin A
  • Naturally contains Omega 6 & 9

What’s in the box

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