Swifin Mailbox Mega


Why buy the Mailbox Bundle?

  1. You pay (USD1.0 + AKX1.0) per mailbox.
  2. You can retail this mailbox for upto (USD2.0 + AKX2.0)
  3. So you can gain 100% on each Mailbox Bundle.
  4. Each Mailbox is AKX20.0 when purchased with Connect or USD31.92 when purchased with a Bank Card.

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This is a specially provisioned product which allows you to buy a minimum of 10 Mailboxes at the same time for distribution across the community.

You pay (USD 1.0 + AKX 1.0) per Mailbox. This price is only available when paying with a Bank Card. When pay fully with AKX the price per mailbox is AKX10 which is 50% off the individual price.

The Swifin Mailbox Service ensures swift and secure delivery of messages.

If you provide the Swifin ID of each person you want to allocate the mailbox to then their email address in their Swifin Account will be updated with the new email address. 

Additional information


The FirstName as it appears in valid ID.


The LastName as it appears in valid ID.

Swifin ID

Swifin ID (if known) of user for whom the mailbox will be activated.


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