35 thoughts on “Basics of Transact Profile”

    1. Hi Evelyn, How are you i hope all’s well with you and your kin. now seeing your post.

  1. Emma Agoi avatar EMMA AGOI says:

    It helps individual to understand how she /he will spend his or her lumi

  2. Great work simply and straight forward .

  3. Ce cour nous donne beaucoup de connaissances dans différents domaines

  4. I m guide some people’s that they don’t now how to create the the connect and transact account.
    And also I want to learn more on how to use or spend my Lumi AKL or to transfer to my account as my local currency Naira.

  5. Avec ce cours de capitalisation de co.petences, je suis certain de remplir correctement ma mission qui me sera assigmee, une fois sur le terrain.

    1. I want to know how to withdraw in transact account I’m already transfer my akl to transact but now I can’t withdraw it

  6. Je suis fière de terminer transact

  7. Mamady Sane avatar Mamady Sané says:

    Je suis heureusx cette opportunité

  8. What a beautiful courses in swifin I learned alot

  9. Modou TIAM says:

    C’est vraiment intéressant

  10. good information to have thank you….

  11. Transact very important module

  12. The lessons has the answers to the withdrawal questions in the community.

  13. unable to enroll the transact course please help

  14. An informative content on transect, brief loud and clear

  15. C’est vraiement intressant

  16. Thanks for this information

  17. Its good for all us to understand the whole knowledge about transact because we will all revolve around it.

  18. Greetings, In doing these courses, it assisted me in answering some of the questions i encountered from my community. Thank you Dr Linus

  19. i can even transfer to my transact account, what could be the problem?

  20. Zika Onwe avatar Zika Onwe says:

    I don’t know how to withdraw AKL from my account in dollar or local currency so I can answer numerous questions from my community. I look forward to gaining useful knowledge and ideas to operate.

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