Checkers 3 In 1 Milk Custard Powder 1.5kg X 2



Checkers 3 in 1 Vanilla Custard Powder is made from powdered mixes that is less fattening than those made from eggs and real cream, which is usually considered particularly healthy. It contains sugar, as well as a number of preservatives.
Checkers Vanilla Custard Powder is deliciously produced into ready to eat and savoury custard blend that provides instant relief from hunger. It is a delicate, delicious and mouth-watering cereal, that is great for breakfast and just perfect with all the embedded nutritional benefits good for your body.
Checkers Vanilla Custard Powder is a good for people who have certain food allergies. Checkers Vanilla Custard Powder is free of gluten, made with wheat based ingredients. It is enriched with vitamin A and D. It also contain protein.
Checkers Vanilla Custard Powder is the best custard powder that gives a very unique taste and rich in vitamins. It can be enjoyed with fruits, nuts, milk and sugar

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Key Features

  • Contain milk and sugar
  • Contains nourishing nutrients
  • Savory taste and smell
  • Alternative dietary option for gluten allergy.
  • Can be enjoyed with fruits and nuts
  • Comes with easy to carry design.


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