USX 140 Combo Token

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USX 140 Combo Token

Type: Non-refundable groceries and digital asset combo token.

Restrictions: This token is only available to Connect Community members and has no redeemable value outside the community and the network of Connect Community service providers.

Value: This is a groceries and digital asset combination token. The buyer can access USD 100 worth of groceries from N Richards stores in Zimbabwe. They will also be entitled to receive 2 Solar Gold (SOLG), 2 M12, 2 Black (FDC) and 2 Dignity Gold (DIGau) coins through an initial coin offering.

Cost: USD 140 + AKL 2.0

Benefits: USX 100 + 2.0 SGOLD + 2.0 M12 + 2.0 FDC + 2.0 DIGau

2 reviews for USX 140 Combo Token

  1. Terence Siziba avatar

    Terence Siziba

    It can’t work in Zimbabwe people with Lumi in. Zimbabwe most of them they dont have usd+lumi they want 100% lumi buying at N Rechards

  2. Terence Siziba avatar

    Terence Siziba

    You are trying bur people in Zimbabwe they think that they are going to use Lumi 100% not usd + lumi

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