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Product Package: 1000SDC

Face value: USD 1000.00

Trade Value: 50/50 in USD/AKL

Cost: USD500 + AKL31.328321

Settlement platform: Face value delivered in Swifin Transact for community trade and exchange of goods and services.

Platform Terms: 50/50 in 50/50 out

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1000SDC is a Swifin Dynamic Coupon with a combined or hybrid face value of USD 1000.00 at the time of purchase. The face value is measured in USD terms on a basis of 50% in USD and 50% in AKL at AKL/USD peg rate of AKL1.0  = USD 15.96. 

Cost: USD500 + AKL31.328321

Purpose: SDCs are the transactional instruments for exchanging goods and services via Swifin Transact without the need to calculate the underlying component value at the point of exchange. Merchants on the Swifin Market place and community members will access the underlying component value at all times irrespective of the currency of transaction via Swifin Transact.

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