Royco Beef Seasoning Cubes 400g




Royco is the trusted partner in the kitchen helping you add color, and enriching your meals so that the whole family can enjoy.

It enhances the taste and aroma of your food transforming it into such an appetizing meal that your family cannot help asking for more.

The relaunched Royco beef seasoning cubes are a rich formulation containing a strong beef flavor that gives an irresistible taste and aroma to your meals. It contains iron which is an essential mineral for red blood cells production. It can be used in soups, stews, and other regular dishes like pottage, etc.

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Key Features

  • Royco cubes give great taste and aroma to meals.
  • It contains iron for improved nutrition
  • Beef Seasoning
  • Contains Iron which is an essential mineral for red blood cells production



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