Grand Cornflakes 350g x1

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Grand Cornflakes is a crisp and crunchy Ready-To-Eat (RTE) breakfast cereal produced using extrusion technology (as against traditional cooking method) which ensures that nutrients are fully preserved, and product uniformity is assured.

Hygienically processed and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals Grand Cornflakes provides kids and adults alike with the required vitality and protein essential for growth.

It has no cholesterol and is a good source of folate which aids the formation of new cells.

Grand Cornflakes is composed of Corn and fortified with minerals and vitamins to meet daily nutritional requirement and can be consumed either as snacks or breakfast cereal.

Makes a good combination with reconstituted powered milk or evaporated milk and great with or without sugar.

Ready source of vitamin A, important for good eyesight.

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  • Ready source of vitamin A, important for good eyesight.
  • Great with or without sugar.
  • No cholesterol


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