Connect is the general reception area for the Swifin Community. This is where all community members meet, interact, exchange ideas, learn about and get help on specific community services, and create access profiles to such services.

A member’s connect profile is somewhat like their signature and public statement of adherence to the goals of the community – Inclusive Value Exchange with Decorum.

The guiding words, inclusive value exchange with decorum, are both a constant reminder of the key goal of attaining inclusive and equitable standard for exchanging value across the community in a manner that upholds deep cultural values and in keeping with mutual respect of the highest order accorded to all.


This lesson guides you through the importance of a working and accessible mailbox. It also provides information on email delivery issues which may affect your use of Swifin Community services and useful tips which may help you to achieve improved email delivery for a better service experience.

The lesson highlights the importance of having a working and fully accessible email address as the first step of the overall registration process and shows you how you can generate extra income with the Swifin Mailbox service.

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