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  1. Emma Agoi avatar EMMA AGOI says:

    Very interesting. Difference between linked swifin ID and unlinked swifin ID

  2. This has been extremely informative. It enhanced my knowledge and skills in the process of canvassing and assisting people to register for the Lumi stimulus. The Swifin Social Income model has given me a new insight into the value maximization on registering and teaching others to do the same. The approach is motivational and a timely answer to the age old plight of Africa. Thank you.

    1. This is Soo much helpful we are learning

  3. Salomo Adams avatar Salomo Adams says:

    It gave yourself the confidence and understanding to work the system and guidelines to other members.
    Thank you Admin.

  4. Ah,ouais, l’ID ancré et l’ID non ancré

  5. Hi plz help I want to create swifin mailbox but I don’t know how create it

  6. This lesson is very important.

  7. i have to admit that this course made me realized i didn’t know much as i thought i did after all. I highly recommend this course to all members of this community who want to genuinely be of assistance to others. Kudos to the course development team.

  8. The lesson is so good and educative. It’s straight forward and explaining very well how to register a proper account with a profile.

  9. Milka njeri karanja avatar Milka Njeri says:

    wow…. i did not know about linked and unlinked account..wonderful..

  10. La leçon est tellement bonne et instructive. C’est simple et explique très bien comment créer un compte approprié avec un profil.

  11. Gberkon Ternenge says:


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