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Briefing from 23 Jan. 2023

Monday to Friday
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AKL 2nd Anniversary Bonus Claim

Congratulations! As a community we have come a long way and growing strong.

You have made this possible.

You are part of the solution to 2 age old issues which affect millions of Individuals and Businesses globally. In some Countries in Africa these issues have blighted the lives of over 80% of the population, are a major impediment to participative engagement in the real economy for many and cause misery and poverty to be passed from generation to generation.

That’s why we are working together as a community to achieve levelled access for all by providing;

  1. Equitable access to digital transactions
  2. And a common instrument of exchange

We have been on this collective journey now for 2 Years and have successfully distributed the African Kingdoms Lumi (AKL) to millions of individuals in households across the African Continent and throughout the Economic Community of the African Diaspora (ECO-6) spread all over the surface of the earth. Together we can reach millions of people and change millions of lives in our time.

If you have visited this page by clicking the Bonus Claim Link then you will have successfully already claimed your AKL 2nd Anniversary Bonus of AKL37.56 by the time you get this point. The amount is automatically paid into your Connect AKX account and can be transferred upon request to your Swifin Account or your Transact Account where you can confidently start spending your Lumi with an unparalleled local currency experience where you are by paying for goods and services provided by other members of the community.

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